2011 Warren Prize in Celiac Disease

Frits Koning, Ph.D., head of the Immunochemistry Section in the Department of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion of the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), the Netherlands, is recipient of the 2011 William K. Warren, Jr. Prize for Excellence in Celiac Disease Research.  Professor Koning was presented with the award by Mr. William K. Warren, Jr. and gave the 2011 Warren Prize Lecture, "Celiac Disease: How complicated can it get?", on June 3, 2011.

Past recipients of the Warren Prize in Celiac Disease
2010 :     Bana Jabri, M.D., Ph.D., University of Chicago
              Markku Máki, M.D., Ph.D., University of Tampere, Finland
2008 :     Salvatore Auricchio, M.D., Ph.D., University “Federico II”, Naples, Italy
2007 :     Ludvig M. Sollid, M.D., Ph.D., Institute of Immunology, University of Oslo